Kibo Eclipse Reviews – You Won’t Believe This Shocking Truth!

2020 was a devastating year, as most of it was controlled by the effects of COVID-19. Though the pandemic is still lurking in the background, 2022 is underway, and individuals need to find ways to regain control. Speaking of control, for those who have either lost a job or are tired of being chained to the 9-to-5 work schedule, we’ve recently come across a system that affirms consistent income at one’s leisure.

In fact, the duo behind this system, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, affirm that not only will 2022 finally become the year of financial freedom, but also that of time and geographic freedom. That is, money may pour in, there will be more time for self-care, and the deal-breaker: being able to take vacations! Want in on the details? The purpose of this review is to re-introduce the recently updated “Kibo Eclipse”:

Name of the program Kibo Eclipse
Creators of the program Aidan Booth and Steve Claton
Overview Provides various business modules of money-making to help small to large e-commerce business grow their online stores
Launch Date 25th January 2022
Language English
Different Modules of the program
  • Kibo Incubator
  • Kibo Jumpstart
  • Kibo HQ
  • Kibo Oracle
  • Kibo Socializer
  • Kibo Converters
  • Kibo Accelerators
  • Kibo Mentor point
  • Included Bonuses
  • Social Selling secrets
  • Kibo event Live recordings
  • The Secret mind
  • Price $3497 USD
    Where to get access Official website
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
    Other Programs by the creators
  • Kibo Code
  • Kibo Quantum
  • Pros of the program
  • New and systematic approaches to money-making
  • Detailed course by renowned digital marketers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 3 bonus products
  • Uses cheap methods of advertising
  • Cons of the program
  • Limited time for enrollment
  • Requires basic knowledge about Ecommerce
  • What is Kibo Eclipse?

    Kibo Eclipse is advertised as a simple, five-step online sales system that emphasizes a “secret technology,” free traffic and sales, ready-made solutions, and speed. According to the co-founder of Kibo Eclipse, Steve Clayton, this system is so easy to navigate that anyone can follow along and eventually make $1,000/week in profit, adding that this can be reached “without needing Amazon, without needing Shopify, without needing China, inventory.”

    Now, this isn’t the first time that we see Kibo Eclipse. It turns out that this e-Commerce methods course has been further updated to include topics that are seldom discussed in similar courses. To be more precise, the first version of the Kibo Eclipse looked particularly at taking advantage of paid traffic, whereas, as hinted above, the recently updated version highlights free traffic. This is not to say that Kibo Eclipse has completely scratched out paid traffic, but that the creators have added yet another resource that individuals and/or businesses might not have known exists.

    Who are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton?


    If you have been a regular consumer of the Kibo Code outlet, then definitely you want to know about the Kibo eclipse program. Let me introduce you to the Kibo Eclipse creators, Aidan Booth, and Steve Clayton.

    Aidan Booth is an entrepreneur who is earning more than thousands of dollars every year. Steve Clayton was working in a corporation and he left his job in 2003. Since 2003, Steve Clayton has been running online businesses for 17 years.

    The duo once worked as employees and got fed up with the income they made. In all truth, seeing the employer make far more from the employees’ hard work is sure to drive just about anyone nuts, so this doesn’t come too much of a surprise.

    Both, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are known for their skills in the eCommerce market. They are running multiple businesses that give them 8 figure revenue every year.

    They are popular digital marketers who have struggled a lot to come to this position. Multiple difficulties and their knowledge helped them to introduce cost-effective training programs to run successful online businesses. They have created this Kibo eclipse training program to help e-commerce businesses to earn millions in a short span of time.

    What is E-Commerce Business?

    E-Commerce business refers to the business version that allows people to promote or sell items through the internet. E-Commerce business can be performed through a laptop, computer, mobile, and various smart devices.

    E-Commerce is surely taking over life, as we know most business ventures have stepped into eCommerce systems through one or other eCommerce methods. Many people all around the world seem to have successful online businesses.

    In the short term, E-commerce is buying and selling goods and services through the internet. It is an internet business.

    How does Kibo Eclipse work?

    There are five steps that need to be followed to see success with Kibo Eclipse. Below is a summary of what and how the Kibo eclipse program works.

    Step 1 – Set Up Your Store

    The first step is the set-up, meaning that individuals will need to install the optimized website or online store(i.e., a domain). Kibo Eclipse supposedly offers diverse storefronts that attract clicks and consequently, elicit the highest possible conversion rates.

    Step 2 – Identify Winners

    Once the domain has been selected or online stores have been set up, the next course of action is to identify a core selection of products. Normally, the selection process requires an adequate amount of time invested in product research; however, the creators insist that such work has already been taken care of.

    Step 3 – Pick Your Profit Path

    The next step involves setting goals, whether it be $500/week or $1,000/week. The Kibo Eclipse team insists that the bar be set at $1000/week. This is said to be attainable by taking advantage of the included sources of “buyer” traffic. In other words, one can choose between paid or free versions to generate traffic. Given the high chance that free traffic would be preferred, the duo claims to have included their new method here.

    The detailed process that leads to money in the pockets starts with a person who orders a product from the website; the seller/individual/business gets paid, the seller then purchases the product from the supplier, and the supplier ships the goods to the consumer. Obviously, the profit is the difference between the amount consumers get charged by the seller and the amount that sellers get charged by the suppliers.

    Step 4 – Accelerate Your Sales

    As things are rolling and money is being made, the bar needs to be raised to increase conversions (therefore, sales and profits) can be witnessed. More details on ways of increasing conversion are said to be included in this step. For now, the duo has hinted at a possible reliance on apps, which is something individuals will learn along the way.

    Step 5 – Rinse and Repeat

    The previous step blends into the last and final step, as individuals who have made $1,000/week can now move on to figuring out ways to make $5,000/week, $10,000/week, and so forth. Just because the Kibo Eclipse system is simple in nature, it doesn’t mean that individuals will have it easy. That is, a combination of smart and hard work is needed to make the big bucks!


    What are the Kibo Eclipse training labs meant to achieve?

    Look, by now, it should be clear that Kibo Eclipse has been created to have everything is done and ready for online stores. All the solutions to any possible sales-related problem are presented. But, for people who are curious about the details that have gone into such a system, Aidan Booth and Steven have decided to create the so-called training labs. This is an opportunity that no one should miss out on, especially seeing that the duo will be walking everyone through the system.

    Here are a few words from Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton on what to expect of the live training:

    “This is where we’re going to be able to demo the entire system for you and show you your next steps so you can get up and running as fast as humanly possible […] These workshops are going to be your only chance to get your questions answered live by us and to get all the details of the system.”

    Upon registering for the lab sessions, one’s name will be placed for the draw. The winning amount is $5,000! Let’s now turn our attention to the learning opportunity:

    • How to use this 5-step proven Kibo Eclipse program to build a consistent online income stream
    • Breaking down the “done-for-you” online store and navigating through the products
    • Why Kibo Eclipse system is the most efficient business model compared to others
    • Means of tapping into the duo’s “new discovery” or “free traffic source” filled with 100 million U.S.-based buyers
    • Three shortcuts that could help anyone scale from 0 to $1,000/week
    • Case studies and success stories of other students who have excelled within months, they shared that Kibo eclipse help to create a successful online business within a short period.
    • Why just about anyone can benefit from the Kibo Eclipse system?

    To tune in, everyone is asked that they register to one of the slots listed right below and to arrive 20 minutes early:

    • Monday, January 25, 2022 at 11am ET (10am CT, 8pm PT, 4pm GMT, 3am AEST – 26th)
    • Monday, January 25, 2022 at 1pm ET (12pm CT, 10am PT, 6pm GMT, 5am AEST – 26th)
    • Monday, January 25, 2022, at 7 pm ET (6 pm CT, 4 pm PT, midnight GMT, 11 am AEST – 26th)
    • Monday, January 25, 2022 at 9pm ET (8pm CT, 6pm PT, 2am GMT, 1pm AEST – 26th)

    What is inside the Kibo Eclipse training system?

    With the help of the Kibo Eclipse training program, you can easily optimize your income from your ecommerce business. Throughout the programs, the Kibo eclipse creators will be your mentor. As we said before it is an 8 Week online training program, which has been distributed into 8 different business models.

    Here we are discussing every business model of the Kibo eclipse program in the below content:

    Kibo Incubator

    Kibo Incubator is a detailed guide about each step that Kibo Eclipse has for the growth of an online business. It is an 8-week training program that guides you best on how to run a profitable online business in a short span. With the use of the Kibo Eclipse business model, you can start your own online business from scratch and get to know how to run a thriving online business.

    Kibo Jumpstart

    The second module of the Kibo eclipse program is Kibo Jumpstart. In this Kibo module, you will get a live weekly training program from Ecommerce experts to make your online business successful. You need to complete a 30-day challenge that will guide you to make money with a successful online business quickly along with weekly milestone checkpoints. In addition, you can have live chat with Ecommerce experts to discuss the progress of how the online marketing training services of Kibo eclipse are working for your online business.

    Kibo HQ

    The next module is Kibo HQ, this module plays an important role as it helps in controlling the mission of eCommerce business. By this, you can build, scale and grow your online business through various Ecommerce methods

    Kibo Oracle

    Here comes the next module of this Kibo Eclipse program is Kibo Oracle. The Kibo program comes with software that can help you to track your profitable products in a few seconds. This Kibo eclipse software is highly advanced and filters your profitable products out of millions, to allow you to help you to grow your e commerce business. You can analyze more than hundreds of products in seconds which further saves your precious time.

    Kibo Converters

    Kibo Converters is the next module of the Kibo Eclipse program, this is again a highly advanced and smart software that makes your E-commerce business successful by converting visitors into buyers. This module provides various conversion tools to the owner. It contains a special tool known as Kibo Bot, that helps you to connect with people through automated chat. Kibo Bot works as a personal virtual sales assistant for you.

    Kibo Socializer

    The next well-known component of the Kibo Eclipse training program is Kibo Socializer which allows online businesses to identify and generate traffic. Kibo eclipse review says this module is effective in boosting sales by providing various benefits of social media traffic, like the Facebook marketplace. Kibo socialized is a proven and tested module to boost sales and profits.

    Kibo Accelerators

    Here comes the last module in the Kibo Eclipse training program that gives you traffic secrets and scales your online business to boost your profits. Scaling can be problematic but Kibo eclipse program gives you a foolproof plan that scales your business throughout.

    Kibo MentorPoint

    The last module of the Kibo Eclipse program is Kibo Mentorpoint. This module contains various avenues of unlimited support and coaching towards leading a successful business. You will get assistance from experts and Kibo eclipse fellow members 24/7 to create a thriving eCommerce business. The best part is Kibo students get good support as Kibo’s mentor point is available 24/7 and 365 days.


    Why choose Kibo Eclipse?

    Apart from positive Kibo Eclipse reviews, there are many features belonging to the program that are likely to come across as attractive. First, this model supports realistic profit; that is, it facilitates simpler means of calculating profit on each sale, keeping track of sales made, and so on. This level of organization is rarely witnessed in other systems. Second comes time commitment, which most often is a worry for online businesses. Fortunately, the time commitment is low as up to 90% of the processes are automated once everything has been set up. Obviously, to make more money, more time and effort are needed, but this might be the way to go for those who want to test the waters.

    Up next, we have the speed of results, as sales are said to be made instantly. In the case of the seller, once they receive their money, all they are required to do is buy the product, and the rest is taken care of by the supplier. Another popular feature is startup costs, which in this case, are very minimal. In fact, the only cost one is sure to incur is that of the Kibo Eclipse purchase, which is minuscule compared to purchasing inventory and property (for storage) and incurring expenses (i.e., workers, office supplies, rent, etc.).

    Finally, the Kibo Eclipse system is highly predictable, as all of the products available in the database are high in demand. Sure, there might be some that are more popular than others, but they all fall within the range of “popularity.”

    When is the Kibo Eclipse program set to launch?

    The Kibo Eclipse launch date is 25th January 2022. There are various pre-launches that would be occurring on the official platform on January 19th, January 21, and January 23rd.

    Do we have any Kibo Eclipse Bonuses?

    You can also get a handful of Kibo Eclipse bonuses when you will enroll for the Kibo Eclipse course. All Kibp Eclipse bonuses are available with the Kibo eclipse discount. The below are Kibo Eclipse bonus products.

    Social selling Secrets

    Social Selling secrets are among the best bonuses of Kibo Eclipse program. It guides you on how to make money online. This is a unique and innovative marketing tool that tells you how to generate traffic from social media platforms, like, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. With the help of Social selling secrets, you will know how you can get connected to buyers through social media. By constantly engaging with the target audience on social media, you can boost traffic and sales accordingly.

    Kibo Event Live Recordings

    You can get access to live recordings, which are attended by guest speakers who share their secrets of trading or online business to get more sales. You can watch live event recordings anytime and take notes as required by you.

    The Secret Mastermind

    This Kibo Eclipse bonus is popular among people who love attending workshops. It is a form of seminar that helps you to understand the eCommerce market. Teaches you the market trend and gives you more practical knowledge so that Kibo students understand the program and eCommerce deeply.

    Who might find the Kibo Eclipse training program useful?

    Just about anyone can use the Kibo Eclipse training program, whether it be someone with an online business or one in its development stages. In the latter cases, the Kibo Code model is said to complement any goals thanks to its increased diversification and cash funnel feature.

    Another beautiful feature worth noting and one that the team insists on is that individuals and/or businesses don’t have to quit or set aside any other existing projects, as the Kibo Eclipse system only requires a handful of hours a week. Funds made through this system can be reallocated elsewhere, which is a major plus.

    As for people who are just getting started, Kibo Eclipse is a greater motivator – a factor that is crucial for an ultimately successful business. The fact that this system is meant to save time, costs and has all the hard work figured out is sure to benefit newbies.

    How much does Kibo Eclipse cost?

    As for Kibo eclipse pricing, it can be purchased at $3,497. For those wanting payment plans, there’s the option to pay in four installments of $997 rather than paying at once. Obviously, the latter has been introduced to support all financial standings; however, it is more beneficial to pay at once since Kibo Eclipse offers roughly $491 less.

    Having said that, the price reflects the seven listed modules and three free bonuses (i.e., The Secret Mastermind, Kibo Code Live Recordings, and 7-Figure Scaling Secrets). For any questions and/or concerns regarding Kibo Eclipse, an email can be sent to support@thekibocode.com.

    Additional Costs that you must know

    There are certain additional costs that you may not know about. Definitely, these costs are not added to the Kibo eclipse cost. However, these costs incur when you set up an online store.


    We all know that starting a website requires a domain. A domain may cost around $15. According to the Kibo Eclipse creators, it is required to buy an aged domain to get faster results. The domain cost varies depending on age and many other factors.


    After getting a website domain, you need to host your eCommerce store. Hosting would cost you around $20 to $40, on the other hand, you can opt for shared hosting, which would cost $10 per month.


    the channel of advertising will decide the cost of advertising. You can take the benefit of pain traffic through the Kibo system. The paid traffic can help you to drive more traffic. But numerous Kibo eclipse reviews testify that using cheap and untapped advertising methods as thought in the Kibo eclipse course can greatly lower the cost and generate enough traffic.

    Can we use the Kibo Code discount for Kibo eclipse training programs?

    As far as the Kibo code discount is concerned, there is no Kibo eclipse review that states anything about this. There is no certain promo code that you can apply while you enroll Kibo eclipse training program. Therefore this cannot be a deal-breaker.

    Do we have any other Kibo Products in the market?

    Kibo Eclipse program is not only the training program offered by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Before presenting Kibo Code Eclipse, the creators, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton launched two more programs in 2020 and 2021.

    The two earlier versions of Kibo Eclipse are Kibo Code and Kibo Code quantum.

    Kibo Code quantum was somehow different from Kibo Eclipse, as it focused more on marketing through a Facebook marketplace, unlike the recent Kibo eclipse that focuses more on google shopping.

    What is special and different in the New Kibo eclipse Program?

    The launch date of the Kibo Eclipse program is around the corner, the creators Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton inform that is Kibo version is introduced with a new system and a completely different approach. This new Kibo Eclipse program is unlike Kibo Code Quantum. This new program comes with a theme of total domination, which says the creators will focus beyond common marketplaces like Facebook, Google, and more. The creators will reach new marketplaces like TikTok, Walmart, and many more.

    When we talk about the benefits of Kibo Eclipse to its students, then there are numerous success stories that you can read. Kibo eclipse reviews testify that programs and creators then helped them best to run their online business with maximum profits and sales.

    From where we can get access to the Kibo Eclipse program?

    You can buy or enroll in the Kibo eclipse program from its official website. In case you see any Kibo eclipse review about buying the program at discounted rates be aware, that could be a fraudulent case. This program is only available on its official website, where you can get yourself enrolled and learn cost-effective approaches to make money online.

    Do we have any money-back guarantee on the Kibo eclipse?

    If you don’t find Kibo eclipse effective or are unsatisfied with the program, you are liable to claim your 30-day refund policy. The creators offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and will not ask any questions regarding why you are claiming a refund and will return every single penny you invested for this program.

    Although all Kibo Eclipse customer reviews are positive, there are fewer chances of dissatisfaction with the program.

    Kibo Eclipse Reviews- Final Verdict

    All-in-all, Kibo Eclipse is an e-Commerce course meant to support newbies and businesses that either have an established online presence or are currently in the development stages. The new edition of this program is exciting to see, as individuals will come to learn of new resources that they would otherwise not have known about.

    The beauty of Kibo Eclipse, aside from helping people make money, is that it requires no startup costs. In fact, the price that everyone will pay comes with background information, things that work, and community support. Such a system is incomparable to competitors.

    All things considered, individuals are encouraged to attend a live Kibo Eclipse lab to truly understand the system. This will also allow many to assess whether the model aligns with one’s respective goals.

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