Top 5 Best Psychic Reading Sites Online

Humans often face difficulties in life. At times they do not have answers to many questions that halt their life and hinder their happiness. People struggle to cope with their personal and professional life.

But we humans have a fantastic skill to overcome all sorts of difficulties in life. As the most resilient beings on the planet, humans have a tremendous ability to overcome any challenge life throws at them.

Some people resort to their inner power when life puts them in a difficult situation. On the other hand, some people need a little assistance from time to time.

There is no shame in seeking assistance from a third party or a psychic expert when someone cannot solve a problem alone.

Online psychic reading has its advantages and disadvantages. This industry is a booming one. Hundreds of websites offer online psychic readings to many people every day.

For many, picking the ideal psychic reading website might be daunting. The sheer number of available sites makes choosing the one that perfectly caters to one’s needs challenging.

This article lists the top 5 psychic reading sites out there. All the five websites listed below have a huge user base and offer the best service at a reasonable price.

The Top 5 Online Psychic Reading Websites in 2022

  • AskNow – Perfect for Career Coaching
  • Keen Psychics – Best Relationship Readings on the Internet
  • Mysticsense – Best Psychic Readings on Phone
  • Kasamba – Ideal for Love Life Consultancy
  • Oranum – Best Live Psychic Sessions



AskNow is the best platform to seek answers to all the pressing questions regarding online psychic reading. It also links people with psychic experts. People can weigh all the available psychics on the platform based on their competence, skills, expertise, and experience.

On AskNow, many psychics act as mediums. They can help people communicate with departed souls.

There is no shortage of psychics on this platform. No matter what the issue is, people can find expert psychics 24/7. Individuals can get relationship readings, horoscope readings, dream interpretation, numerology, and many more.

The most apparent shortcoming of AskNow is that this platform only offers communication via chat and phone.

Newcomers to the site get one free session. In addition to that, people also get a free session for five minutes. For as little as $10, people get 15 minutes of service.

AskNow is ideal for people who are seeking psychics who will work as a medium. Plus, the onboarding discount makes this platform a top pick.

For anyone on a tight budget, AskNow is the ideal pick. Also, if anyone requires immediate replies, AskNow is the best pick for them. As mentioned earlier, the only shortcoming of AskNow is that it does not offer any video conferencing or email alternative for communication.


  • A 5-minute free online session for newcomers
  • 15 years in business
  • Less expensive than other alternatives
  • Specialists available
  • Supports the Spanish language


  • No option for video conferencing
  • Requires Credit Card information for the free version



Regarding happy customers, Keen sits at the very top due to its sheer number of satisfied customers. Keen Psychic offers its services over the phone. Furthermore, their price and fees are also reasonable.

Keen Psychic offers readings in various fields, starting from relationship, love, career, life, and stress. If a user is new to online psychic reading, they can go through the customer rating, number of successful readings, and relative experience of each psychic before making payment.

Keen Psychic offers support via phone, email, and online chat. Depending on the customer’s convenience, they can finalize a time and date for their psychic sessions.

This site comes with a 100% refund policy. If users are unsatisfied with the service, they can claim a full refund anytime. For quick assistance, users can get in touch with the customer service representatives and take it from there.

Whether it’s the weekend or the holiday season, psychics are available on this platform 24/7. Keen Psychic offers astrology reading, aura cleansing, dream interpretation, card readings, and so on.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Advanced filtering options
  • 3 minutes free trial for newcomers
  • Call minute cost $1.99-$9.99


  • An introductory discount only applies to the first session.
  • Video Conference not available.
  • Thanks to its vast range of experts, and experienced psychics, Keen Psychic can offer an accurate prediction of the future using only a horoscope reading.
  • The first ten minutes on this site will only cost $1.99. For future readings, the price can be $9.99. As mentioned earlier, Keen Psychic is ideal for love readings.



Unlike other sites on the list, Mysticsense is relatively new. They focus on assisting and consultation. Anyone can access the website and seek help. The website uses many tested methods such as cartomancy, tarot reading, and similar other methods.

People struggling with personal and professional life can seek help from this website. Mysticsense ensures the privacy and safety of the personal data of its clients. This website thoroughly examines the data provided to give accurate and the best readings.

Immediately after a person lands on their website, it gives them a list of all the psychics available that day. If any psychic is unavailable that day, their name will be displayed in bright grey color.

Mysticsense also offers a video conference option. People can engage with a professional psychic via video conferencing and share their problems.

As a handful of professional psychics are available on this site, users have flexible, affordable services 24/7. The lowest charge for a psychic on this site is a mere $1/hour. However, it can be higher than this rate. It all depends on the psychic a user picks.

Unlike many online sites, Mysticsense ensures that no third party accesses user data. It is transparent about how user data will be used. It has an elaborate Privacy Policy statement on its site.

The second advantage of using Mysticsense is that users can access a human representative 24/7. No matter what time of the day, users can seek assistance from a customer support agent in minutes.

Users can contact them using their official Contact Us form or mailing them.

Mysticsense offers both introductory psychic readings and many advanced readings on the site. Thanks to a big roaster of psychics available on this site, people can seek help for various issues.

Furthermore, whether a person is looking for an expert clairvoyant or a tarot reader, Mysticsense has it all.


  • Free Trial
  • Wide range of psychic experts
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Psychic profile with thorough details


  • Asks for Credit Card details within five minutes of using the Free Trial



Despite being the best pick for relationship consultancy, Kasamba offers different psychic professionals specializing in other areas. Since this site was launched, Kasamba has helped people with varying life issues.

Kasamba offers tarot reading, dream interpretation, birth chart translation, numerology, rune casting, aura cleansing, and many other services.

Many psychic reading sites rely solely on user ratings to categorize the range of psychics on the site. But Kasamba is different in this regard.

This site conducts a thorough background check before onboarding a new psychic to the team. They even arrange meetings, interviews, and demo readings before hiring a new psychic.

There is a reason why there are vastly experienced psychics on Kasamba. Unlike other sites, Kasamba started its journey back in 1999. Over the years, they have grown a vast and loyal user base.

Users can reach out to them at any time. Kasamba sends follow-up emails to its users after each session to ensure utmost user satisfaction.

Kasamba differs from other sites due to its vast collection of expert psychics. There are psychics experts in life coaching, relationship consultancy, career, and many others.

Anyone who visits Kasamba for the first time is greeted with a three-minute promotional incentive. It covers topics such as how Kasamba operates and how to seek help from them.

Another great advantage of Kasamba is that users can opt for anonymous readings if they are hesitant to provide personal information. Also, if someone offers confidential information, they can rest assured that their data will remain safe and secure.

An online psychic reading expert will put Kasamba at the top of their list. So many people adore this site because it offers a wide range of psychic readings and ensures the utmost customer satisfaction.

New clients will receive a flat 50% discount on their first order.


  • $1.99 per minute
  • Background check of psychics
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Free trial
  • Wide range of psychic readings


  • Expert psychic is expensive
  • Limited filtering options



Oranum has many different psychic reading options. Individuals can sign up for psychic sessions available in other languages, starting from French, Spanish, German, Italian, and English.

All the psychics available on this site have gone through intensive training. Oranum has a separate team that conducts background checks before onboarding psychics on the platform.

All the psychics on the platform offer a free 10-minute session to their clients. Unlike other online psychic reading sites, Oranum offers video conferencing. However, this is not mandatory. People uncomfortable with keeping their videos on can switch it off and opt for regular sessions.

Oranum is a relatively new website for psychics. It has only been a decade since they started offering their services to the masses. Despite its short life, Oranum has built a reputation among the online community.

Oranum hosts psychics specializing in work-life, love-life, family, money, career, happiness, and many other areas.

Oranum differs from the other alternatives in the market due to its pricing strategy. Instead of charging a flat sum per minute, this site operates on a credit system. Every new user is entitled to 9.99 credits for free.

Depending on the expertise, the charge may vary. Using the 9.99 credit, people can consult a beginner-friendly psychic for three minutes or with an expert for one minute.

Oranum is widely popular for its tarot reading services. Tarot Reading is usually used for personal interpretation. It is more effective when the client can read and see the cards themselves.

Oranum has over a hundred expert psychics on the platform compared to other psychic reading sites.


  • Expert psychics
  • Multi-Language support is available
  • Live chat option
  • Ten-minute free rate
  • Options for psychics as pets


  • Credit System is confusing
  • Expensive psychics

Judging Criteria For The Top Online Psychic Reading Websites


As mentioned above, there are hundreds of psychic sites out there. But not all of them are credible. Some would go as far as posting fake ratings and reviews to make them appear believable.

Someone who is paying money for help should not be scammed. This is why this article listed only the most reliable and credible websites.

How do we measure credibility? Well, we assess the age of the site. The longer a psychic site has been in business, the more credible it is.

Many psychic sites host professional psychics who have been in the business for decades. On the other hand, some psychics are still waiting to land their first reading session.

Customer Reviews

Social Proof has become an essential aspect of every online marketplace. The same is true for online psychic sites. Customer Reviews give new customers an idea about what to expect from a particular psychic.

Free Minutes

Giving out free minutes has become almost a standard practice in this industry. All the popular psychic websites charge no money for the first few minutes of the session. Furthermore, many of them also offer discounts.

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to the service industry, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. This is why service companies spend so much on Quality Assurance.

All the psychic websites listed in this article come with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Customers can expect a 100% accurate reading from these psychic sites.

Furthermore, customers also get credit options, generous refund policies, and free session minutes.

Communication Method

The most common communication methods used by psychic websites are Video conferences, Online Chat, and Phone Calls.

Video Conference is ideal for palm & auditory reading, and so on. People who prefer voice interaction can choose phone calls. And lastly, people who are too hesitant to share their personal information can opt for anonymous chat.

What to Expect From a Psychic Reading?

Expert Psychics can help people unravel the most intricate problems in their lives. Above all, a Psychic can help people achieve peace of mind, emotional stability, and positive energy.

Many people do not feel confident when they have to make an important decision in their lives. When they are presented with such a situation, they need someone to boost their confidence.

If an individual consults the right psychic, they can adequately assess their energy level and areas of improvement.

Secondly, a psychic can help people restore their peace of mind. People usually grow restless when they have little knowledge about the outcome of a particular action. Will they get the promotion they have been anticipating for so long, or not?

A psychic reading can help people identify what is causing restlessness, as well as solve them.

When it comes to heartbreak and emotional turmoil, people are often better off with someone having their back rather than facing it alone. And this is where a professional psychic comes into play.

A Psychic will shift the focus from all the hardship to all the blessings in life.

Free Psychic vs. Paid Psychic Reading

Is there any measurable difference between free online psychic reading and online paid psychic reading? Almost all psychic reading websites have a free plan as part of their onboarding incentive strategy.

So, are paid online psychic readings more reliable? To some extent, they are. Paid psychic readings include more details in their final report. Furthermore, the free sessions only contain a basic tarot card reading.

As mentioned earlier, free psychic readings are usually part of the onboarding incentive strategy.

The Top 5 Online Psychic Reading Websites in 2022 Wrap Up

Online psychic readings are practical, no matter what communication method a person chooses, phone call, email, or online chat. Experienced psychic readers can help individuals with career coaching, relationship reading, and many more.

An online psychic will help people in need to come out of their trauma and lead a happy and prosperous life.

The above list contains the top online psychic reading sites that provide free sessions, live chat, different forms of readings, and more.